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Product vs Custom:

What I think are: Two different approaches that force you to think about two different aspects. Scanning, minimalism, design, precieving needs, revenue models, business plans, protypes, beta testing, launching, market size, market segmentation, target market, marketing itself.

List of demands, timeline, no bugs, do what your told, no revenue model, no design, no business plan, no scanning.

Lost in Translation:

Girl coming of age. Coming to terms with her sexuality, her family and her world – Fiction.

Identity Crisis:

An MBET student on Winter Break. CBET and school withdrawls, lost of meaning, questions of existence, life, meaning, and the number 49 (Hitch Hikers Guide reference)

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I have this bad habit. I am supposed to be doing marketing, but I came across the film stills of film being directed by a friend of mine. Iram Parveen Bilal and her first feature film- Josh. Got me thinking. There’s alot of talk of crowd sourcing and bottom up innovation in the tech circles. Why cant we have the same for films?

Here’s the idea: Post a plot or script on a page. Invite people to view it. If they like it, they can either pick a scene to shoot, or they can shoot the entire film. Alot of people shooting the same script, in different ways (leave the direction, camera angles, lighting etc to them). Edit and put it all together. Who knows, you might come up with something fanstastic.

Now I should Google it to see if anyone’s done anything like this before. And I am sure they have.

Such is the truth of the world.

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