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4:30pm – In search for a song to write to.

4:31pm – Blood on the dance floor: Bewitched

4:35pm – Like A G6 (This will do)

4:36pm – Dynamite

I am sure if you browse through my blog, you’ll some post which goes something like ‘I havent written in a while, need to write some more’. This is not one of those posts, though fair warning, it might be a little ‘ranty’ and cyclic.

I was telling a friend, how my English has down the crapper. Maybe it was a reaction to my marks on the strategy paper. I told her, I was a published writer in a past life. Maybe I am just out of practice.

But to write, one needs to condense the chaos in the mind to put it on paper. Atoms of ideas that coalesce together to form bigger ideas. Those ideas come together to form matter. Matter that can be engineered into movements, change and paradigm shifts.  This is the knowledge economy, and it works on idea factories (borrowed from Seth Godin – The Idea Virus).

We have a course, with Paul Guild, on innovation management, different models of innovation, open sourced, crowd sourced and collaborative work environments. All those idea’s are in a pile in my head. I know these models exist. But how does one practice them?  How does one create the space, the mind set? RBC next great innovator challenge,  is a good example from the current list of projects. We are divided into groups of 5 (Made by choice) and initially everyone was tight lidded and tight lipped about the what they had, what they were working on. I talked to a few people about opening up, sharing ideas. What are the odds someone else in North America or Canada hasn’t been thinking along the same lines? Out of all the business and engineering schools? Astronomical! But anyways, ideas did come out during the 2 min in class pitch, and some valuable feedback.

I have read, I am reading a dozen papers, articles on various innovation models, how to foster creativity, and watching TED talks on Innovative spaces and Coffee Houses.

I have a half form idea in my head. You have a half formed idea in your head. Lets bring it together and see what happens.

What is my great idea? I dont know yet. Its a work in progress. Right now its atoms. Lots of atoms, in Brownian motion, jolting around my head at random.

Recent inspirational watch: Learning from the Barefoot Movement – Bunker Roy.

Recent Inspiration event: Junior Achievement Award Gala – Schools kids getting a taste of business and new venture creation. Those who got the best venture award were school kids, who made candles for stress relief. Generating a return of $3 for a $10 investment by their investors.  I had no clue what that was when I was their age.

Like another friend said to me the other day ‘I think I am interested in so much, and I want to do so much, its hard for me to be like those people on TED who have been working on something for a lifetime, and found something truely amazing’


Though, who said all those diverse interests couldn’t come together in some shape of form? Searching for the ‘secret sauce’.

Lets see when and if it all comes together.

Peace out.


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The wheels been churning for a while… Started with the question, How do idea’s gather such momentum that they turn into social movements or trends or a worthy cause people come out to support. On a book hunting trip to the local bookshops in Islamabad, I came across a book, ‘The tipping point’ by Malcom Gladwell. Although I didn’t read the book cover to cover, it introduces the idea of word of mouth, certain people with gifts, ‘connectors’ who tell their peers, and point to be noted; rather large peer groups, about a new café or restaurant that they discovered. Word gets around fast, and soon enough the small start up has more tummies to fill then they ever anticipated.

TED.com has a great selection of talks on various subjects given by people who you’d want to listen to. A talk by Seth Godin, on tribes, introduced the idea of tribes. Niche groups with something in common who can connect across the internet. The gothic gang in Aussie who hook themselves to meat hooks and swing came to mind. To attract and connect with other people with similar interests you need to reach out. What more efficient way of reaching out then the internet. People want to be missed, says Seth, and tribe leaders can provide you with that. First we had the factory model, which said, if you have fast enough machines, you could make enough money, then it was the Tv, if you had enough air time, you could sell your product, now we’re reaching to a new model of leader ship. Where people with similar interests gather around and form a tribe. Humanity is going back to its roots.

Alexis Ohanian of Reddit.com tells an amusing story of how Green Peace wanting to stop the whaling of the coast of Japan got inadvent help from social networking websites. Mister Splashy Pants was voted on the internet as the name for the campaign to save the whales. The amazing thing was, that people like you and me, who have bigger thing to fight for then whales in Japan also voted. Maybe we care for the whales, maybe we don’t, the point is, you heard from a friend, ‘Hey vote for splashy pants’, and soon enough your telling your friends. Perhaps not knowing what the whole buzz and wave is even about, but creating momentum nonetheless. Japan called of the whaling ofcourse.

Now I will attempt to bring this all in perspective, for my benefit, as well as any potential readers. Take this blog as an example, I can write anything and click publish, and anyone surfing the web can come across my writings. I have published them on the web. Published not in the strictest sense of having written over a hundred pages of text and compiled a book, shown it to an editor, a publishing house, gotten rights and now its selling on the market, but published on the web.

And it costs me nothing, just the monthly bill for the internet.

The web has come along way from the static websites of the early days to dynamic flash websites with the razzle dazzle to going back to the basics with web design, but going ahead with content and functionality. User generated content, social networking, user communities or tribes as Seth Godin calls them, that is the present and future of the web. Its easier to sell now, you don’t have to follow the mass marketing model, where you bombard people with one advert after another until it sits in their head and they start singing or humming the tune of your advert. Now its what google developed. Targeted marketing I call it. Maybe the pundits call it something else.. Showing certain adverts to certain people by gauging their personal preferences, as an example, in Gmail, if I am reading or writing a mail with the mention of MS or scholarship somewhere, then I notice the adverts are all about scholarship for an MS here or there. This is a very effective and smart model for advertising. Involves collecting personal data based on internet surfing habits, they find out what sites you visit, what is the frequency of visiting these sites and what banners you click etc.

So how does this new web and marketing model effect the social movement mechanics. Social movement is about reaching out to people and mobilizing them for a common cause. Like a tribe, a group of people who have something in common which forms the basis of their bond. Social change is brought about by a few who challenge the status quo and reach enough people to create enough momentum to bring about some real change, Social networking, marketing, its all about connecting to people and getting your message product across. These tools can be used to bring reach out, create momentum enough momentum to get noticed by those perched high up above the rest of us.

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Looking to take up some short courses on film making or arts in Karachi. Looking for schools.

Interview with BB next weekend. Looking forward to it.

Trip to GIKI for the LDS All Pak.

Alot on my plate.

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