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Annie Leibovitz

Watched Life Through A Lens last night. Very inspired. Yet at a dead end with my photography somehow.

I ask myself too much.

Dont feel like blogging.

Bogged down my flu.

No job yet. Or direction.

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I visited my brothers old blog from his post marrige ireland days.

Its eating dust now.

Will mine too share the same fate someday?


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You quit someplace, thinking, i am leaving it behind for good. Never ever to come back to it. Gone woosh, its in the past. I hope i never have to go there again. And surprise surprise an old friend calls you after a long time of absence. Rather pops a message to you on google talk.

Wad and Mota have a TA interview back at GIKI tomorrow. I couldnt possibly let a chance to see those to sorry ass bastards slip through. So when Wad said, come along, i jumped at it. And boy did i jump.

So tomorrow, i’l head back to the place i have come to dread and hate.

Maybe some day i can convert this load of excrement to a short story.

Thats why i blog in the first place dont i?

Fair Question.

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A movie i have wanted to watch for a long time. Searching for torrents. Found an excerpt from the script.

RICK: We don’t have any money.

PAUL (Will Smith): Amigo, when will you learn? Money is the one commodity you can always get! Whooo!! Yaahh!

[The carriage begins its trip around the park.]

RICK: I’m gonna have to explain to Elizabeth about the money and calm her because she gets so nervous– [Paul caresses Rick’s hair.] Hey, Paul! C’mon. Stop it.

PAUL (Will Smith): I was wondering if I could f— you?

[Rick smiles and tries to chuckle slightly, as if Paul was telling a joke, although he doesn’t really find it funny. Then Rick looks at Paul’s face and sees that Paul was serious.]

RICK: Man, I don’t do things like that.

PAUL (Will Smith): That’s what makes it so nice. You don’t.

[Paul pulls down the cover of the carriage so that the cab is private.]

From: http://www.ldsfilm.com/movies/SixDegreesOfSeparation.html

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Rained last night. Took some pictures.

This ones on a jasmine bush right outside my house. Light was way too low, so i had to use the flash. Tried a couple with out the flash using my 50MM, but i couldnt get the focus right on the drop. So switched to my 18-55 AFS and used auto focus with flash. Adjusted the blown out leaves with the flash. I kept the flash on max compensation so i did get the dew drop. Knowing i could adjust the highlights in post using lightroom or photoshop

Late Night Rain

Late Night Rain

And this ones right before the rain started, at F9 park, Isa calls it the Marble Monstrosity.

Monument to something

Monument to something

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I need a purpose for my life. Everything i thought and figured about it in the years before i graduated from GIKI, all the discussions, all the philosophies.. Atlantis.. its all gone out the window for now.




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Picked up the GRE book and started going through word lists. This is not going to be easy. Buckle up and hang on for the ride.



I am afraid its not going to go down all that well.

Just an epiphany i just had. Why waste my time persuing art and writing programs when i already have a very strong back ground in engineering and science.

Good question.

Because i dont like Engineering?

Or am i hoping i can get into a Art program without a GRE.

Does the GRE freak me out that much, hence forth making me piss my pants.


But.. But .. But.. GRE..


In addition to the requirements and procedures listed above, applicants holding degrees from institutions outside Canada will be required to provide scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) including the Physics SUBJECT test scores. A minimum score in the 80th percentile is necessary.

It should be noted that tuition fees for international students are much higher (see the financial information section). A limited number of bursaries are awarded on a competitive basis to international students with high academic standing (A-or better) to reduce their fees to the amount paid by Canadian students.

International students may also apply at any time of the year. It should be noted, however, that it is wise to allow 6 months for the process of obtaining the necessary passport, student visa, and work permit, depending on the country of origin.’

From the esteemed website of Canadain and American Universities.

Why wasnt i born in a different country i ask my self. All of this would have been so easy. And i wouldnt feel the need to run away from this country and everything about it.

Note: This is all a thought process. Sorry Ali, no wife to bounce back these idea’s with yet.



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