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Where does it all end?

Where does it all fucking end? Money, money money. Career, career, career. Corporates, designations, names on doors. Business cards, cellphones, cars, bigger cars. SUVs. The whole damn showroom. Houses, castles, compounds, plaza’s. Does the human greed know no bounds?

More then a year ago, I came to this city by the polluted sea, not expecting what it had instore for me. I came with an open mind, but little hopes. It was my first job, it was a big deal I got hired by anyone. Let alone Procter and ducking Gamble.

‘congratulations, your going to P&G! You must be excited’

‘Eer, yeah… I am just glad those four years of engineering didnt amount to nothing. I am not a waste.’

They did amount to something. Middle Management. Smack in the center of the world driven by greed. You work, day in day out. You get a promotion. You get a fatter pay cheque. You climb the ladder. You buy a bigger house, a bigger car, hell even someday a ducking boat with a hot tub. Hours turn into days, days merge with months, months crossover into years, you loose what you held dear once. All thats left is a hallowed shadow. You learn not to question. To doubt. You learn to believe. Believe that your making the world a better place. Believe that people want to buy your product. Believe that marketing is not you shoving something down their throats. Bamboozle them into making the choice. But people are smart. Mobs are smart. The collective conscience is indeed individual choice, and individual choice dictates that they buy.

Buy. Buy. Buy.

Buy so you have your job, buy that countless others like you, blessed to have the best edcation this wretched country has to offer, so you and countless others can be a vital part of the alien culture.

Yes sixteen years of education so I can be conidtioned to be numb.

Get a good education – move to a bad neighbourhood? No thank you. I like where I am just fine.


Wounded by *Rueme

Wounded by *Rueme





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