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Funny how…

Just checked my own – About Me page on WordPress. Funny how I said -‘ Breaking the rut … looking for other sources of revenue’  back when I was actually doing that, along with job hunting with little hope in the face of so many rejections. Ironic given that now I write while seated behind a desk at an American FMCG company. Should I change it to ‘Failed – Whoring myself for money?’ or should I leave it as it is, as a reminder for myself.

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Wont even pretend I was MIA from this blog a long time, and carry on like nothing ever happened.

Had to fly to Dubai on a very short notice, because the Arab bastard there was throwing a  tantrum over why the contract is Saudi has still not been signed. Anyway leaving the nitty gritty and the self praise – i.e. the glam of traveling (there is none but my dad seems very proud when I tell him, I am rushing to Dubai for a meeting – cute old man =) ) Someone in purchasing slept on the contract. 2 months later, everyone woke up, made noise about why the contract was NOT signed. I being the youngest and newest and recently moving to the assignment, was blamed. The standard line – You are the Owner. It is YOUR responsibility as the OWNER. Be more PROACTIVE and show LEADERSHIP. My standard response to this; stop bsing me and tell me what happened, I’ll tell you how to fix it. Of course when I imply these things in my emails to the big bosses, I am told I need to work on my communication skills. Has it ever occured to them, I donot WANT to talk sweet and stab people in the back. Rather be me. Like I am. Take it or leave it. I have made this speech a dozen times in my head. Just never had the balls to say it out loud.

So crazy 2 weeks it has been. Running here and there calling people, following up, emailing like crazy, as Rashid put it ‘You have to show them your on top of things’. Seven months, and I still dont see a point to my being here. At the end of the day, the people who work here are here for the money, the name, and the glam. Not just P&G, but all corporate. At the end of the day, I still go home, and forget about work, and think about my own idea’s. At the end of the day, I dont feel like I have spent my day doing something worth while. Rather do my time, do my work, so the pay cheque is halal money, an honest living.

As Sadaf put it yesterday, ‘Most people will be happy with the job and the money and the stamp on their ass’s, but your not. Your complicated’.

I disagree. I am not complicated. I ask very little of life and people. But somehow, with the way the world works, it’s alot to ask for that.

It begs the question. Am I asking for more then I can get?

Fountainhead - Ayn Rand

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Do you have facebook? Scrapetv.con

Like all things must be with this nation, everything is blamed on the government. This article would also aim to just do that, but readers are advised to take it with a pinch of salt.

Everyone who is reading this must be aware of the ‘Draw Prophet Muhammad  Day’ event declared on Facebook. This event created by God knows who; this writer for one, did not bother digging up the particulars of the genius, inspired by the cartoonist Molly Norris (www.mollynorris.com) who declared 20th May as ‘Everyone Draw Prophet Muhammad ’ day created a fictional group, Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor, to sponsor the event. The illustrations on her site and this event was dedicated to the other geniuses behind the animated adult cartoons, South Park; Matt Stone and Tery Parker, famous for gags on celebrities such as Bono, and religious figures such as Jesus, Mary, and Prophet Muhammad . Incidentally as I write this, I remember back in GIKI some people used to watch South Park with a religious fervor, eliciting quite a few loud laughs as Mother Theresa was portrayed as something which would be inappropriate to mention here, but we all understand what. Yet when Prophet Muhammad was hinted at in South Park, they were one of the many to raise the cry ‘Stop Watching South Park’, to them I quite openly say now, ‘What did you expect from someone who holds nothing, for all we know, not even their own mothers sacred?’

The Facebook event has resulted in a Lahore High Court decision to ban Facebook till the end of the month. A petition by a group of renegade mullah lawyers was granted, and the auspicious Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, hence forth to be mentioned as simply, PTA, was instructed to block Facebook on all ISP’s. Furthermore, as per today’s paper, the Lahore High Court as instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to lodge a compliant with the US Department of State, or in other words, Hillary Rodham Clinton. As per the court order, this global social networking portal, ‘The Facebook’ is within US jurisdiction and it has caused immense hurt and discomfort to many Muslims. I think the word the LHC is looking for is ‘insult’ and not ‘discomfort’, but I am no lawyer and legal jargon is out of my jurisdiction.

The Facebook event not only resulted in mass spam messages sent to all cellphone users, (to this I must add, I always wonder how the telecom service providers allow these spam messages, I am always left wonder where they get my number from, but digital privacy is to be left for a later time) but as read in today’s paper, resulted in protests and marches against the event in Lahore and other parts of the country. The protesters demanded that the offenders be ‘beheaded’ and the Muslim Rulers of other countries to push for such an international legislation or empty their thrones in shame. The protest lead in majority by our national morality watchdog parties and groups have demanded these steps be taken, or the US embassy and the ambassador himself would not be spared. Ambitious I must say, very ambitious of our national watchdogs to declare war on the US, the very country who for their own means, created the concept of rebel mullah’s in the first place. Afghan War, under Zia ul Haq of course.

The fallout did not stop there, following tweets; yes tweets, as it happens, Twitter is working fine, you find that YouTube is also blocked. I for one did not bother checking. Suffering from a shaky internet connection, I am pushing my luck as it is downloading torrents. Word on tweet also reports some fellow tweeters experiencing the same message from PTA when attempting to open Wikipedia – The Open Encyclopedia. As all men b/w the age of 18 and 30 in this country rushed to their browsers, I did too, and much to my surprise, porn sites were up and running. Well at least our world was still the right side up.

Is it just my imagination running away with me, or do all those facts stated above remind you of the national fallout resulting from the caricatures of Prophet Prophet Muhammad   published in a Danish newspaper. The fallout that resulted in an enormous amount due to public property damage and looted ATM machines by a raging angry mob; so much so for a higher purpose, you can have what you can carry. During those times, I remember outrage and protest and rallies in this Land of the Pure, but no as much as a whisper from the Kings of Saudi or other muslim counties. While our esteemed politicians, leaving behind all problems of national interest, such as rising taxes, the falling and now almost non existent literacy rate, the rising unemployment rate, the exploding population, shortage of gas and electricity, fake degree holders deciding the fate of the nation, accountability, embezzlement of millions of rupee’s worth of public funding, so on and hence forth. Yes, said the rulers in their cushy chairs, we can work on that later, for now let’s focus our dwindling energies and intellect on how to extradite that cartoonist and punish him by Islamic laws and satiate the thirst of blood of our poverty stricken, uneducated and illiterate nation.

Although Zia ul Haq might have molested the very spirit of this nation, and broken it, he left us with his lasting legacy to this day, an overzealous sense of religion – for better or worse.  As a nation, we have a long history of overreaction to the Muslim Plight. Might it be that possessing a weapon of assured mutual destruction, the nuclear bomb, the sole owner of such technology in the known Muslim World, we consider ourselves the very pinnacle of the Neo Muslim Civilization? We do take ourseleves a little too seriously. And if, as the country of moral watch dogs, we are to be at par with the world, we need to understand one little fact about the miracle that is the internet. No one controls it. With social networking and user generated content on the rise, all websites include a disclaimer, ‘All content therein does not reflect the policy of so and so website and does not take responsibility for it’. This is the power of the new internet, an event generated in cyberspace generating actual rallies and protests in another corner of the world.; so much so that the government becomes involved.

The government, first of all, in my humble opinion, should not controls the flow of information. When I first heard of the ban of Facebook, becoming an actual reality, from various sources, I felt an all together familiar scenario coming to mind; China, where the government is actively involved in internet censorship. Pakistan already has a very repressive image as it is, where the NYT writes about it’s elite as booze and sex deprived souls, scratching away at the rigid moral framework that governs us.

All that said and done, let us create an event on Facebook titled, “Everyone celebrate the Holocaust day’ and lets see if Pervez Musharraf would be attending.

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