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Also known as “Now You can Own 7% of Organimi”

Ever wanted to own equity in a fast growing technology company? But never had the connections, money or knew how to start?


We have some great news! We are opening up our equity pool to our customers. As our company, we focus on our customers. Your feedback, support and commitment has been invaluable. So as a thank you and to extend our support we are offering you a chance to own a chunk of the company for your self!


With the new Version 4 we rolled out some paid plans. The first 1000 customers to subscribe to our Pro Plan ($699/Year) would own a 7% of equity in the company. 7% is the same percentage that Y Combinator, an incubator in Silicon Valley, takes in the companies it work with. Usually though in exchange for the 7%, Y Combinator and its investors usually have to put in at least a couple of hundred thousand in exchange for the 7%. You don’t.

It’s likely that the 7% won’t be worth much, but its also likely that Organimi is worth alot more then its currently valued at today and the 7% is worth a alot more. We’re excited to take this journey and we’d love to have you with us.


Because we’re cool like that.

Note: A more detailed most to come soon. We currently have 300 customers since the paid plans release on 5th June 2015.

Signup for an Organimi account here.

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