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What is an idea worth?

What happens when you turn a Quora answer into a post?

I was asked to answer question on Quora by someone anonymous today:

I have a startup idea, I want to sell it because I dont have intial investment, if yes, then where can I find someone who is interested in buying my idea?

My response was:

I hate to break it to you but I don’t think anyone would pay to buy an idea. An idea is priceless, fragile but ultimately not an end to it self. An idea is a spark for something greater then itself. An idea lacking any execution is just a figment of imagination of what it could have been but not what it is.

The other part of it is, no idea is original. It’s still debated if Newton and Lebniz invented calculus. You’re idea is most likely not original and people have thought of it before. If your really interested in see’ing your idea work albiet in the hands of others, I encourage you to write about it on a blog or email and pass it around. Either of the two possible outcomes might happen:

1) You’d see the idea come to life and rejoice in being part of giving it birth and being part of the world.
2) You can get someone to invest their time with you to make it happen and spend years working on it. If your really into this idea, the journey itself will be a reward filled with ups, downs and hard lessons learned. Even if it ultimately does not work out, you will come out on the other side a changed person with battle scars to prove it.

Initial investment should not be a barrier to you trying out your idea. Expecting other people to give you money for something that’s unproven is unrealistic. Ask yourself if you are willing to put in money into the idea itself and what you need the money for. Is it to pay a developer? Find someone on Upwork to build it for cheaper then usual rates. Is it for advertising? Figure out how you can market without spending $10000’s of dollars on ads. Is it to support yourself while you work on it full time? Do it during nights and evenings. Odds are the road ahead is tougher then you anticipated and a week or a month into it, you’ll be wondering what you should do and what have you gotten yourself into, itching to go back to work at a 9–5 job. If you don’t have money to invest, you have something more valuable then money, and thats your time. Often times great ideas come to people who observe the world, imagine possibilities. But the one’s who make it to the other side are obsessed to with making it happen.

Lastly but not least, great things happen with ideas come together and collide. So don’t keep it tight to your chest, share it openly and widely. The possible outcomes are infinite.

Feel free to leave comments and disagreements on the Quora thread or below.

Note: this response was inspired by Tina Seelig’s book that I am currently reading.

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Product vs Custom:

What I think are: Two different approaches that force you to think about two different aspects. Scanning, minimalism, design, precieving needs, revenue models, business plans, protypes, beta testing, launching, market size, market segmentation, target market, marketing itself.

List of demands, timeline, no bugs, do what your told, no revenue model, no design, no business plan, no scanning.

Lost in Translation:

Girl coming of age. Coming to terms with her sexuality, her family and her world – Fiction.

Identity Crisis:

An MBET student on Winter Break. CBET and school withdrawls, lost of meaning, questions of existence, life, meaning, and the number 49 (Hitch Hikers Guide reference)

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4:30pm – In search for a song to write to.

4:31pm – Blood on the dance floor: Bewitched

4:35pm – Like A G6 (This will do)

4:36pm – Dynamite

I am sure if you browse through my blog, you’ll some post which goes something like ‘I havent written in a while, need to write some more’. This is not one of those posts, though fair warning, it might be a little ‘ranty’ and cyclic.

I was telling a friend, how my English has down the crapper. Maybe it was a reaction to my marks on the strategy paper. I told her, I was a published writer in a past life. Maybe I am just out of practice.

But to write, one needs to condense the chaos in the mind to put it on paper. Atoms of ideas that coalesce together to form bigger ideas. Those ideas come together to form matter. Matter that can be engineered into movements, change and paradigm shifts.  This is the knowledge economy, and it works on idea factories (borrowed from Seth Godin – The Idea Virus).

We have a course, with Paul Guild, on innovation management, different models of innovation, open sourced, crowd sourced and collaborative work environments. All those idea’s are in a pile in my head. I know these models exist. But how does one practice them?  How does one create the space, the mind set? RBC next great innovator challenge,  is a good example from the current list of projects. We are divided into groups of 5 (Made by choice) and initially everyone was tight lidded and tight lipped about the what they had, what they were working on. I talked to a few people about opening up, sharing ideas. What are the odds someone else in North America or Canada hasn’t been thinking along the same lines? Out of all the business and engineering schools? Astronomical! But anyways, ideas did come out during the 2 min in class pitch, and some valuable feedback.

I have read, I am reading a dozen papers, articles on various innovation models, how to foster creativity, and watching TED talks on Innovative spaces and Coffee Houses.

I have a half form idea in my head. You have a half formed idea in your head. Lets bring it together and see what happens.

What is my great idea? I dont know yet. Its a work in progress. Right now its atoms. Lots of atoms, in Brownian motion, jolting around my head at random.

Recent inspirational watch: Learning from the Barefoot Movement – Bunker Roy.

Recent Inspiration event: Junior Achievement Award Gala – Schools kids getting a taste of business and new venture creation. Those who got the best venture award were school kids, who made candles for stress relief. Generating a return of $3 for a $10 investment by their investors.  I had no clue what that was when I was their age.

Like another friend said to me the other day ‘I think I am interested in so much, and I want to do so much, its hard for me to be like those people on TED who have been working on something for a lifetime, and found something truely amazing’


Though, who said all those diverse interests couldn’t come together in some shape of form? Searching for the ‘secret sauce’.

Lets see when and if it all comes together.

Peace out.


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Looking to take up some short courses on film making or arts in Karachi. Looking for schools.

Interview with BB next weekend. Looking forward to it.

Trip to GIKI for the LDS All Pak.

Alot on my plate.

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