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Written – Summer of 2007

Karachi – Procter and Gamble Internship Program.

U – Unaiza. K – Kamil


U: Do you write?

K: Yes occasionally when the need arises. You can read them on my deviant art journal. The rest are on my PC at home and my old diaries.

U: You take pictures too? i didn’t know that.

K: Don’t call them pictures. Its photography.

U: Why don’t  you like the term “pictures”?

K: because it sounds so inconsequential.

U: Do your pictures have consequences?

K: To me? Yes. To the rest of the world. I frankly don’t care what they think. But it would be good to think that it makes some impact other then mere aesthetics.

U: They are mere aesthetics. That’s what art is no?

K: Yes among other things. But i don’t take pictures or paint a canvas so it looks on my mantle piece or sell it to some moron with money who thinks it looks good above his bed while he’s seducing some woman.

U: Then why do you do all that?

K: Self expression. Talking with my pictures or canvas as i do with my words.

U:You said u didn’t like the term pictures.

K: yes i said it for your sake.

U: U do things for other peoples sake?

K: No. People annoy me.

U: Do all people annoy you?

K: Yes. Em searching for Atlantis.

U: What is Atlantis?

K: A Place Where Only Heroes. because they carry the essence of Life within them.

U: who are heroes?

K: People who are original.

U: Is God Original?

K: No. They say He made man in his own image. I think he did a terrible job at it. Left us with the crap, and kept the good stuff for Angels.

U: Your envious of Angels?

K: Yes, they have wings. But we built planes.

U: Which would u rather have? Wings or Planes?

K: Wings. I wouldn’t be left at the mercy of other peoples whims.

U: Do you paint?

K: Yes, oil on canvas.

U: I didn’t take you for the artistic type.

K: I don’t like stereotypes.

Foot-Note: Thank you Uniaza for inspiring me to write my first dialogue 🙂

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I am not a fan of labels. Specially when it comes to myself. Though I call myself a geek for the love of all things tech and science, I still dont like that label. Perhaps, I label myself that out of disgust of what everyone is chasing, or rather be labeled as – ‘Cool’, ‘Corporate’, ‘Rich’ … you get my drift. I could call myself an artist, a writer, an activist, a pathan, a muslim, a pakistani, photographer, engineer, student, and the list goes on.

I started thinking about this when Maryam, asked the editorial team to write a short bio of ourselves for the TMS team introductions. I have never actually thought about myself, from a third persons eye. I am me, its that simple. The title itself suggests that. Perhaps my ego is too huge to allow myself to view my life and my self in introspection or objectively. Nonetheless, I have to attempt at this, the one starting below being my second (I am too ashamed of my first one to put it up here, as a friend pointed out – you sound like a pompous ass)

No wait before I start, how do I start. Crap. I cant do this.

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