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A really good friend of mine, M, is getting married in a few weeks time… Her weddings in karachi, i cant go, i want to, but i cant leave the house by itself. Even my house needs a baby sitter.Β  I want to do something really really special for her. Send her a present would be the obvious choice. I was thinking, taking inspiration from my ecentric 50 year old pal, a book! He presented one each to my sisters at their wedding. How stupid can it be? I mean i firmly believe that you cant go wrong with books.

She called me last night to make sure i was coming. I was already invited ofcourse. Told her regretfully i couldnt make it. Sh says, well em sending the card, now you have to come! em like send the card, i’l keep it in my scrapbook as a memoir.

Sad creature i am.

The stunt i pulled yesterday though shall remain with me.

I shall send her flowers if not a book. But flowers wither, books stay with you for life.

This is he 2nd time em missing a good friends wedding. First one was ofcourse Ali, when i was tangled up at P&G, and then he left for london when i got back. Son of a …!

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