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So after much worrying, and delibration and again a little bit of worrying, i have finally moved into my own apartment. My own in the every sense of the word. I co inhabit this place. Which draws a thick line right down the rent and other costs. Hence making living a little bit easier. Yes it seems i have stepped out of shell and into my own. Flown from the nest so to speak. First staying at hotels, on my own, sponsered by the company ofcourse. But me. Not piggy back with my dad on one of his trips, but me! It’s all in digestion.

About the place. Well its furnished. It has a view of the sea and the sprawling city that is karachi. And its clean and has a lot of potential to become one of those living spaces one admires on tv. That requires work and commitment. My flatmate and I have already decided to paint the walls and jazz up the place. Right now as i am writing this, there’s a constant beat of the trance that blaring from the speakers in the next room in my ears. Not my taste, but its not vulgar. There is worse music people listen to out there.

I think i need to reaccess my blogging and writing, seems like it’s come down to chronicling my time here. Well maybe its just that newness of all of this that leads to this feeling like another ‘Dear Diary’ sob story.

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There was a DWL ice breaker, that I vowed to attend, if Hell Didn’t Freeze over. Take a guess. Yes hell did freeze over! What are the odds you say? I don’t have any answers or explanations. When i had given up all hope of ever getting all corporate, and starting my career with the ‘O lala’ job at P&G. And just that happened. So fast that for the first couple of days i didn’t know what hit me. After the whole of the sitiutation was absorbed into my system, a little analysis revealed too many variables. Apartment, cleaning, cooking and the whole running the house scenario.

Anyways even the anxiety attacks have passed. No good trying to anticipate something when there is a million ways for it turn out. The equations never would balance.  Too many variable.

The thing is. The kinks work out one by one. Travel plans, hotel reservations, everything is slowly falling into place. Now it’s just the matter of finding a good apartment to spend the rest of my days in.

This is Karachi, my new home, sprawled like spilled milk on a polyester table cloth.

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