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Wont even pretend I was MIA from this blog a long time, and carry on like nothing ever happened.

Had to fly to Dubai on a very short notice, because the Arab bastard there was throwing a  tantrum over why the contract is Saudi has still not been signed. Anyway leaving the nitty gritty and the self praise – i.e. the glam of traveling (there is none but my dad seems very proud when I tell him, I am rushing to Dubai for a meeting – cute old man =) ) Someone in purchasing slept on the contract. 2 months later, everyone woke up, made noise about why the contract was NOT signed. I being the youngest and newest and recently moving to the assignment, was blamed. The standard line – You are the Owner. It is YOUR responsibility as the OWNER. Be more PROACTIVE and show LEADERSHIP. My standard response to this; stop bsing me and tell me what happened, I’ll tell you how to fix it. Of course when I imply these things in my emails to the big bosses, I am told I need to work on my communication skills. Has it ever occured to them, I donot WANT to talk sweet and stab people in the back. Rather be me. Like I am. Take it or leave it. I have made this speech a dozen times in my head. Just never had the balls to say it out loud.

So crazy 2 weeks it has been. Running here and there calling people, following up, emailing like crazy, as Rashid put it ‘You have to show them your on top of things’. Seven months, and I still dont see a point to my being here. At the end of the day, the people who work here are here for the money, the name, and the glam. Not just P&G, but all corporate. At the end of the day, I still go home, and forget about work, and think about my own idea’s. At the end of the day, I dont feel like I have spent my day doing something worth while. Rather do my time, do my work, so the pay cheque is halal money, an honest living.

As Sadaf put it yesterday, ‘Most people will be happy with the job and the money and the stamp on their ass’s, but your not. Your complicated’.

I disagree. I am not complicated. I ask very little of life and people. But somehow, with the way the world works, it’s alot to ask for that.

It begs the question. Am I asking for more then I can get?

Fountainhead - Ayn Rand

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First Moment of Truth (FMOT)

So here it how it goes. Here in P&G Sales, they have a concept. First moment of truth. From the time when the shopper enters the shop, glances at the shelf. To the moment, he picks up P&G product. The moment of truth for the shopper. What one must the company do to induce such a response? Shelf it a certain way, add strips and colors and brands. Add all the frills and whistles to seduce the customer to to pick up your thing off the shelf.

At P&G the company, there’s also a first moment of truth. The moment when you get the call, and hear your starting pay. To the first day at work and your first interaction with the people.

For some it may come later. For others it may not come at all, for me, it came the first week. But I decided to see how things man out. It’s only been a month. How can I possibly know what I want?

I don’t. But I know this isn’t it. Living in an alien city, living alone. Doing managerial BS, when I am an engineer with four years at GIKI to look back on. The projects I did as an undergrad. Watching it all come together. Watching graphs and numbers take shape. That was gratifying. That was satisfaction. That was using my brain to construct and conceive possibilities.

When I was younger, my idea of a perfect job was the one in which I would make lots of money and travel alot. Its amazing how things change. With time. I will travel on business trips if I stick around. Already I had a trip to turkey planned that got canceled. Another one to Dubai. Soon Europe.

But again, does the travel and the money really compensate me losing my dignity and self respect. Corporations seem to be no better then bonded slavery.

I haven’t made a decision yet. But the gears have started turning.

I haven’t made a decision yet. But the gears have started turning.

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