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Nawab Nafees was a student of Z.A Bukhari for 3 years and the only man alive to claim as such. Apart from his family, most of the people who worked with Bukhari has passed away. So he was quite literally, a window into the past.
I had the chance to meet him in person, at Kuch Khaas. We discussed Bukhari, the man he knew, the memories he had and the time he spent with him at great lenght. To record this, I decided to film an interview with him. An interview but not of the format in which I questions and he answers them. But rather, I outlined some topics I wanted him to talk about, and in b/w takes we would discuss the questions, and what he should talk about next. For the filming, I asked the Usman Mukhtar aka Joey. With over 8 hours of shooting over two days, we managed to have 45min of footage of Nawab Nafees talking about Z.A Bukhari. A documentary is in the pipeline if we can track down other people who knew him, or his family and they agreed to be filmed.

Apart from the film, a webstie (www.zabukhari.com) is under construction, where his pictures, video’s, audio, letters and other material collected will be posted. Along with a general shoutout to people who have any material on him, or knew him to write to us about it.

So that is that.

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