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First Moment of Truth (FMOT)

So here it how it goes. Here in P&G Sales, they have a concept. First moment of truth. From the time when the shopper enters the shop, glances at the shelf. To the moment, he picks up P&G product. The moment of truth for the shopper. What one must the company do to induce such a response? Shelf it a certain way, add strips and colors and brands. Add all the frills and whistles to seduce the customer to to pick up your thing off the shelf.

At P&G the company, there’s also a first moment of truth. The moment when you get the call, and hear your starting pay. To the first day at work and your first interaction with the people.

For some it may come later. For others it may not come at all, for me, it came the first week. But I decided to see how things man out. It’s only been a month. How can I possibly know what I want?

I don’t. But I know this isn’t it. Living in an alien city, living alone. Doing managerial BS, when I am an engineer with four years at GIKI to look back on. The projects I did as an undergrad. Watching it all come together. Watching graphs and numbers take shape. That was gratifying. That was satisfaction. That was using my brain to construct and conceive possibilities.

When I was younger, my idea of a perfect job was the one in which I would make lots of money and travel alot. Its amazing how things change. With time. I will travel on business trips if I stick around. Already I had a trip to turkey planned that got canceled. Another one to Dubai. Soon Europe.

But again, does the travel and the money really compensate me losing my dignity and self respect. Corporations seem to be no better then bonded slavery.

I haven’t made a decision yet. But the gears have started turning.

I haven’t made a decision yet. But the gears have started turning.

Fresh and Prime BS

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There was a DWL ice breaker, that I vowed to attend, if Hell Didn’t Freeze over. Take a guess. Yes hell did freeze over! What are the odds you say? I don’t have any answers or explanations. When i had given up all hope of ever getting all corporate, and starting my career with the ‘O lala’ job at P&G. And just that happened. So fast that for the first couple of days i didn’t know what hit me. After the whole of the sitiutation was absorbed into my system, a little analysis revealed too many variables. Apartment, cleaning, cooking and the whole running the house scenario.

Anyways even the anxiety attacks have passed. No good trying to anticipate something when there is a million ways for it turn out. The equations never would balance.  Too many variable.

The thing is. The kinks work out one by one. Travel plans, hotel reservations, everything is slowly falling into place. Now it’s just the matter of finding a good apartment to spend the rest of my days in.

This is Karachi, my new home, sprawled like spilled milk on a polyester table cloth.

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