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Especially if they don’t pay you a dime.

Disclaimer: I am not part of Buffer nor am I subscribed to their paid plan. This is not a criticism. Merely a reflection.

What if you (a user) got the (fictitious) email below. What would your reaction be?

From: hello@bufferapp.com

To: kamilrextin@gmail.com

Subject: Your 6 month invoice from Buffer.

Hey Kamil,

Here’s your amount due for Buffer:


You’ve been a integral part of our community at Buffer and we just wanted to give you a huge thanks from our team.

Thanks for being a part of our awesome community. We would not to be here without you! — Buffer Team with love from South Africa.

PS: Have you tried our awesome plan yet? It packs a big punch just for $10/mo. [Or insert a small discount for being around for 6 months].

What would your reaction be? A smile, a smirk? A gaping mouth? Warmth and fuzziness inside? Makes you feel special?


Much too often businesses and startups are too obsessed with the ‘increase MRR and reduce churn’ mantra that they forget the opportunity to engage and induce fuzziness inside the free users.


Because these are the folks who will either convert to paid customers at some point or be an evangelist of your product precisely because you treated them special even though they did not pay you a dime.

Because your ask was not a hard sell, odds are they will check out your paid plan. If they don’t they will refer 10 of their friends to your product.

But there is no excuse not to put a smile on their face.

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Buffer Retreat in South Africa: Buffer Facebook Page.

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