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Observations in China.

Written on my phone.

  • Talking to your phone is acceptable. Even a social norm on some level.
  • Mobile payments are everywhere. Ali Pay, Wechat Pay, Baidu wallet and another one I can’t remember the English name for.
  • Vexting? (short voice messages via Wechat) is how everyone communicates. They don’t call or text. Everyone from teenagers to their parents and grandparents is doing it. Wechat actually works pretty well for it. I’ve only tried it once and I felt weird. WhatsApp offers voice texts too but it doesn’t seem normal. Perhaps because no one is doing it.
  • Between Guangzhou, Beijing, Nanning, Chengdu and Ping Xiang, Chengdu wins the award for most honks per car. It’s noisy and halfway between a modern condo jungle and a developing city. The historical sites and temples are well preserved and amazing.
  • There are no ghost cities. Only over developed condo complexes scattered across the cities that lay barren. More condos are being built. I thought Toronto had too many condos.
  • Sichuan food can be so spicy that it makes you light headed. It was a culinary spiritual experience.
  • Taxi cabs in Chengdu have Didi (ride-hailing) app ringing the whole time. They get a ride notification almost every minute.
  • Uber is present but they slashed their prices drastically for gain market share and the Uber X driver I spoke too wasn’t too happy about it. He said he makes more money from Didi just because there’s 10X more people using it.

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