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Turn on your TV. Switch to American Idol, ‘Idol Give Back’ episode. Switch to some movie about charity; based on a true story ofcourse. You will see one thing.

A white American, who has grown a conscience going to Africa to build an orphanage. A well, or a school. Or worse yet, you’ll catch David Cook from American Idol, totting his guitar and singing english rock songs to undernourished African orphans and kids in school.

What is this phenomena. Why has the ‘White Man’ always seemed to rule?

They come, the rich american pop stars or rich pakistani socialites, spend a couple of hours with the poverty stricken and displaced refugee’s. Give away some food and water, and leave. For them it’s like an experience to tell their friends. For the people there, its an everyday reality.

My point here being. Don’t have pity on them and give them your left overs. Give them means to develop their own community and resources. Don’t fly in with your green and your pink and expect them to grovel like Dogs.

Educate them, tell them they can help themselves. Empower them 🙂

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Trying to force myself to write. If I plan to write more, I have to write more. A self fullfilling prophecy.

‘You will Reap God?’

‘Yes, even God will Die.’

Not original.

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