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‘But if he must, the man remains fearless.

Alone before god, simplicity keeps him safe.

He needs no weapons and no cunning,

As long as God’s absence comes to his aid.’

– Hölderlin

Came across this. Found it vaguely interesting.

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Ramadan Kareem

I am a day late in declaring this but, ‘Happy Ramzan’ my muslim brethern. Not that anyone reads my blog, but on the off chance, someone out there stumbles upon it, I want to make it clear, I am a Muslim. If not by choice and practice, then by birth. I particularly look forward to this month, gives me a reason to fix my bad habits and act more or less human. Others, shiver and tremble is fear, for  I assume they too are creatures of habit, but not welcome to change.

This year is different. I never remembered Ramzan to be this difficult. Or perhaps it’s the first fast that’s always the hardest. Or is it that I do my own cooking? Or is it that I was never a nicotine and caffeine addict? Modern luxuries, fast paced life have ruined my habits and made me into a raving addict of chemical kicks in the morning to get day started. Deprive me of my external influences and watch me fall apart; splitting headaches, terrible mood swings and lets not forget the general irritability and inability to function.

But, but … but, and I cant stress this enough;  Ramzan isn’t about getting over your addictions. It’s about getting closer to God, experiencing that spirituality that we so often ignore in our modern, fast paced, money chasing, ‘time is money’ life. Ramzan isnt a month or time for detox. It’s time for reflection and meditation.

‘Take it slow’ says God to us. ‘Take it slow and remember, what life is really about’.

Of course, neither of us listens. We, including myself, just go hungry and fight cravings all day. At sunset, we breathe a sigh of relief, indulging ourselves in gluttony.

‘How the hell can I think about God when I cant stop thinking about food/caffeine/nicotine’ Pick your poison, plug it in. There you have it. Staring at your own  reflection.

At the cost of sounding like a whinny baby, but this Ramzan, Eid, and 14th August, fly your flags in half mast; at least. In respect to those who have lost everything in the recent floods. A disastor greater then the tsunami in Bali, and the earthquake in Pakistan. If you cant go there, send them money, if you can send them money, pray for them. If you cant pray, think about them at the very least.

Here’s to the false hope, ‘This time it would be different’ , to silence the heart. But all in good spirit eh?

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Witty, Sarcastic, Hilarious and down right nasty.

The Shaadi Complex “Shaadi hui abhi tak?” “Nahi.” “Leh. Mangni shangni?” “Nahi.” “Koi rishtay shishtay?” “…” “Haye, meray Khudaya…” Such is the conversation I often endure and barely manage to get through at tea parties, weddings and dinners. The tongue-clucking, heavily-accented inquiries and sympathetic glances while milk cream is poured into golden-rimmed tea cups leave me nauseous, if not half-suicidal, half-homicidal. My crime? I’m 21 years old and unmarried i … Read More

via Mehreen Ali Kasana

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