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Her legs twitch, her skin crawls,

like a thousand ants marching.

Her knuckles,white and bare from clutching the sheets

She bites into her lips, twisting her body in pain

Dare not look down, what monsters prowl


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My friend, M.Ali just sent me a long SMS. It’s too long to share here. And frankly no one will ever read this, except Tehni, and Tehni I can always forward it to you. But the crux of it, ‘Lets do something, Lets believe in something bigger then ourseleves, lets change the country, Lets change the world’ Shall we?

I have already mused enough about this, on my own blog. And I will probably copy paste this draft into my own little corner in cyberspace (That sounds so 90′s).

I was watching an episode of Battlestar Galatica, S03 E16 to be exact. In it, the Trilium Ore Refinery goes on strike, and demands the living conditions to be improved on the refinery. Admiral Adama and President Laura arrest the guy for treason. Can you blame them? No – Your fighting for the survival of the human race. You dont get breaks when the Cyclons might jump in and end humanity. No, you do what you need to do.

Adama sends Cheif Terol, to fix the situation and get the refinery going, otherwise the whole fleet would be out of fuel. Vipers, Raptors, every ship a sitting duck. The Chief goes aboard the ship, and he takes a tour of the refinery. He see’s kids, 12 – 15 year olds working the machines. The whole episode reminded me of Motorcycle Dairies. But I shall express my ‘valued’ opinon later. So something inside him snaps. He goes to talk to the president. Tells her, ‘Do you see what is happening? Jobs are starting to be inherited. So I train my son to become a deck hand, because thats what I am? Is that all he can be? Is that all he can be?’

So the President starts rotating people with similar experience to the refinery. But some 15 year old kid, who was a farmer gets seriously injured, the Chief snaps.   He turns of the main switch and declares ‘We are on Strike’.

Needless to say, he gets arrested, and thrown in the brig (jail). Adama comes to see him, tells him to call of the strike. He doesnt budge. He calls the marines, and tells them to get his wife Cally and put her against a wall with a gun to her head. Chief protests, says he has a son, Adama cant do this.

Adama says ‘ Understand me. The very survival of this ship may depend on someone getting an order, that they want to do. And if they hesistate. If they fell that orders are sometime optional, then this ship will perish, and so will your son, and the entire human race.’

The Cheif stands down. Adama gives him the sit down with the president. They have a talk, the chief talks about how jobs and occupations have become soley based on a persons birth and ethnicity, if your born poor, you do the dirty jobs, if your born rich and on Caprica, you work as a professional in the higher echelons of society. ‘Its just a fact of life’.

The Chief says to the President of the colonies ‘ But I think we can level the playing field.  There are alot of dirty jobs that need to be done everyday on this fleet, jobs like cleaning, hauling and low level maintenance. These are the kind of jobs which should be allocated to people, well no offence Mada’me President, but people like yourself’

President ‘ No offense taken … if this society is becoming too polarized b/w an entrenched political class and a disenfranchised underclass, we are doomed… ‘

Reminds me of Karl Marx and Communism. Yes I wear ‘Red’ around my sleeve. I come from a family who farmed lands, not their own, for all their lives. And yet, my old man worked his way up and is one of the most respected people in this country. I have seen how genuinely people respect him. It’s not fear, or hatred. It’s love. It’s genuine love, because he did touch their lives. He inspires me. There was a time, like in any young boys age, when I hated my father, because to put it simply, he was never there. But like my brother said to me then, ‘Kamil, Dad is out there doing great things, he’s changing the world, don’t hold it against him’. But I did, for the longest time. And then I grew up. Another memory etched in my brain is when my dad returned from his frequent forgien trips. I was 10, maybe 11 then. I remember we went to the airport to pick him up. When he sat in the car, my first question to him was ‘Wow, you must have seen some very cool cars there’, and he looked at me and said, ‘Gul there are greater things in life, then fancy cars’. Yes he is a communist.

My father is a subject for a book, I have been begging him to write with me. So I wont discuss it here. But to end the topic of my father, he has touched the lives of so many people, and they love and respect him for it. He’s not a rich man, but his wealth is immense.

Trailing of into the darkness, here’s my parting thought. Lets live for something greater then ourselves shall we?

Hungarian Skies – RealityDream -Deviant Art 

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