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Jane Austen

Although i borrowed the title from Jane Austen. This post is not going to be strictly about marriage. Rather Happyness. Yes; not Happiness, but Happyness. Never did things the way they’r supposed to. So why not play around with spellings borrowed from a movie?

I dont agree with the process of finding yourself a wife. Why treat her like she’s on display at some supermarket, and your strolling through the aisles, picking them up, checking the quality and price tag, warranty and what not, then making a choice. Treat them with respect and dignity. Dont go in all self rightious, and staking claim for a pious girl. We all have a past. Skeletons in the closet. Why should she be any different. Or why should you be the only one entitled baggage and not her. Why is this damn society so hypocritical?!

What alternates do I have to this? I dont have a long time girlfriend who I could propose too. I dont have anyone in my mind at all as a possible match. How do i go about finding a wife, and finding a woman, a nice husband in my self without offending their sensiblities and without the burden of tradition?

Thoughts anyone?

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