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After a long hatius from blogging here, I finally trudged myself to return and give it another shot. Since alot has changed since I started this blog, and my other one, I thought I should take it a new direction.


Now there’s alot of fluff and stuff out there on startups. It’s the new hot kid on the block. Everyone wants to start a company, everyone wants to be called a CEO and have fancy business cards that says CEO on them. Yes, vanity is such a human trait.


Which leads to my first lesson:

Startups are no joke: 

The folks at Startup Compass have written about this and I must say I couldn’t agree more (not that my opinion matters much, I am but a blip in this vast universe). Startups appear to be cool and funky, working for fun seems like ‘cool’ starting one is just a ‘cool thing to do’ but before you take the plunge, ask yourself, and I mean really ask yourself, sit down in a quiet place and sip some coffee and ask yourself, DO I REALLY WANT TO DO IT? 

Anyone who knows me, know’s I am not the most disciplined person on the planet. Some call me a hippie, a free spirit, other’s call me a Fakir (a holy man of sort) , my parents call me their weird kid (but are proud of me nonetheless, or so I like to think) and 2 years in, I am still trying to establish a routine and discipline in my life. My good friend John has a habit I admire – wake up at 5 am  I tried it, imagine it for a second. Every day (even weekends) you wake up at 5 am. It works. it works like a charm! Puts you ahead of everyone else. Gives you time to reply to emails and shower and have the morning rituals out of the way, so by the time the rest of the town,city or world wakes up, your already ahead. I know. It sounds tough. It is. Take a second, think about it. That’s what it takes. You have to be extremely self motivated and intrinsically driven. I’ll leave this post with the 5 am point for now. Before you start something, ask yourself if you can wake up at 5am every single morning. 

Alot of people (and this is probbably more true in context of Pakistan then Canada) take starting a business as – ‘Oh I am my own boss, I can work where ever I want etc’ but no. To be your own boss, mean’s you have to be tougher on yourself then anyone else ever can be. 


Do you have what it takes? 


P.S I still havent managed to have a routine where I wake up at 5am, but I haven’t stopped trying 🙂

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