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Faisal Mosque-Hollier than thou

Faisal Mosque-Entrance

Pictures  from an expedition to faisal mosque  at Lailat-ul-Qadar(The night of power). The night we Muslims believe that the Koran was revealed to our prophet.

I was doting around a D60 and 2 lenses and a tripod, despite signs forbidding photography. It was just too perfect to pay heed to the signs.

Greener then thou-Just to prove the holliness

Green lights to mark the speciality of the occasion

Reflection caught in a fountain right at the entrance–>

Reading the Koran

Leaning on the marble-reciting the Koran

Marble Courtyard

Marble Courtyard

And when the nights of worship finally take its toll on the faithful..

Sound asleep

Sound asleep




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