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There are around 50 checkpoints around the city according to Dawn: on various roads across the city manned by 150 policemen. I probably pass through half of those while driving across town to Kuch Khaas.


At the end of the road for civilians, (beyond that you need to be someone or know someone, or be white to be allowed to enter) right at the foot of the hills, is a nondescript house with white gates. Passing it by on a casual drive – if you do venture this far on a casual drive without being harassed by the police – you’d be surprised to know this is Kuch Khaas.


I start today as a ‘Guest Blogger’. Yes, it was my idea. Cross my heart and hope to die. The idea is to lurk around KK (Kuch Khaas) and write about the ‘behind the scenes happenings’. The ultimate truth of this exercise is to jump-start Kuch Khaas-ians into blogging about themselves. A community, crowd sourced blog of the Kuch Khaas community.


Relegated to the corner table in the Text Teen room; the in-house publication for the budding teenage OC/ Gossip Girl inspired generation of Pakiland, I catch a few names. Shahbaz, Sana, and Osman.


The one they call Osman types as he speaks to himself:


‘The Story of Kuch Khaas’


‘Questions for Poppy’


‘Why is KK so close to your house?’


Yes Poppy, why is it so close? This is something even I have thought about asking. Her house is literally 2 steps from KK. Unfair to the rest of us, who have to drive all the way across town.


There’s live music in the background. The perks of working across the hall from the music room is the background music doesn’t have to be the heavy breathing of people you’re sitting in the same room with.




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