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I am in the process of watching Julie and Julia. An excellent movie about writing and food. Two of my deepest loves, food being my least explored one.

Came back to Karachi in the evening. Landed at 12pm. Slept at 5pm. Woke up at 12am. Now i cant seem to sleep. I have to go to work tomorrow, but i cant sleep. And i hate the feeling of impending doom. A sense of a long and hard day ahead, and the voice in my head, telling me i should get enough sleep. Not enough sleep is one of my worst nightmares. Actually waking up and being cranky is. But i am always cranky when i wake up. I am not a morning person.

I woke up and found Aleem and Salik in the apartment. Salik had brought his Canon 7D. A very bulky Canon SLR, still with a crop sensor, thought it handled like a full frame. It has a movie mode, hence the weight and size. I am thinking about upgrading my D60 to a D80 soon, and buying some lenses. Maybe wait a month. I’ll be paying the house rent in Bulk, and that will leave me short on money. The pratical considerations always weigh me down when living independently.

Coming back to my initial driving force for this post. Basically motivated by Juile and Julia, i figured i should write something.

I have to write about Bilal Riaz, a friend and a senior from GIKI who passed away during the bomb blast at Pindi. They say he died saving his nephew. Its a sad loss. Mustafa was closer to him then i was. He called today. We didnt talk about it much. There isnt much to talk about. And i never know what to say in such things. What i do know is to write, so i have decided to write about him. Either in the manner of Rinku, with Faheem Hussain ko Lal Salaam, published in The Friday Times, after his death. Or in the manner of a short piece, fiction, dedicated to him. Maybe even my entry for DWL ‘Learning to drown’.

I guess, in a way, i can put up a picture of a candle i took in the memory of Bilal Riaz in this post. A sort of vigil.

For Bilal Riaz

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