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Yesterday I spent an hour with the marketing team in a meeting room, figuring out the SEO for our site. We had done the leg work and audited the site, found on-site issues that we could fix but before everything we needed to agree on the keyword hierarchy. What is the ‘top level’ keyword and how do that or those break down into semantic search queries and support those queries with relevant pages on the site. How do those pages come together in a coherent Web UX?

Most of all though, the question is — what is the strategy? To me, not all SEO strategy should strictly be acquisition. In some models acquisition makes sense. We did SEO for Organimi and 3 years later, its still our biggest acquisition channel. But in the case of Uberflip, the goal is more about education. Education is a cliche’d word to use in marketing context but it’s the best way to put it. Education in the context of giving a visitor enough information about the product, market and general content marketing landscape before the BDR even picks up the phone. Why? Because no one will request a demo right after landing on a page nor is it a tool that you can try and buy scenario.

More on that later. Here’s some interesting read related to SEO that I came across.

First Round Capital Review is an amazing read as always. Here they cover SEO on a tactical and strategic level. It’s a great read on how Yummly a food discovery platform leverage SEO on a massive scale. If you’ve already read the basics on MOZ, this is a good additional resource.Most of all, SEO takes time to build and should be done right. There are tools that’ll push 1,000’s of pages for SEO reasons but they’ll get penalised and it’ll take months if not longer to get back to the good graces of SERP rankings. Key point. SEO is never a 100% but the more you do it, the better you get. Also we all steal other companies ideas. Study those who do SEO well. Think TripAdvisor and Yelp; though they have a ton of user generated content to help with their rankings.

I discovered this through Twitter. Give marketers funnels and they’ll spend hours obsessing over it. Here’s an SEO Funnel from STAT an enterprise SEO Analytics tool.

As an Airbnb host and user, I am always all ears for Airbnb news. They’ve changed the landscape of travel but also raise questions about affordable housing and sketchy landlords kicking out tenants to rent entire units out. Even though France’s tourism has been hit hard because of the bombings, Airbnb is reporting great occupancy while traditional hotels are struggling. Short read from Skift.

Till next time.

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